How To Write A advantages Or Drawbacks Essay

In writing task 2 you are asked to create a discursive essay (250 words minimum). You will end up offered a relevant question asking you to definitely provide your viewpoint, discuss an issue or problem. You might be expected to present solutions, assess a challenge, compare and contrast various some ideas or challenge a notion. In this article, we shall be focussing on the best way to write a advantages/disadvantages essay.

Among the very first things you have to do is browse the marking requirements to see just what the examiners anticipate. This can be really crucial, they are looking for in the band 7+ boxes as you need to know what.

You need to be in a position to provide the examiners precisely what they desire, to get a 7+ musical organization rating.

COMPOSING TASK to Advantages/Disadvantages STRUCTURE

The structure that we advise my pupils to make use of, would be certain to allow you to get a band score 7+. You’ll want to exercise making use of this framework, with since questions that are many it is possible to, before sitting your IELTS test. This writing task 2 framework was been shown to be effective for my pupils so when perfected, can very quickly allow you to attain a band score that is high.

TIP >> Before you begin writing, plan your opinions to be able to organise the knowledge demonstrably. You have to determine what the primary benefits and drawbacks are. Simply Take 5 minutes and plan out your thinking, viewpoints and examples.

TIP >> It is essential that invest a full 40 mins on this task since the score you can get for composing task 2 is two-thirds of the total writing rating. You have to compose a the least 250 terms and make use of your ideas that are own.

Suggestion >> Remember to write in an official tone, this can be an educational essay, consequently your writing must be formal.

This is certainly one feasible means to plan your essay;


Paragraph 1 – The Introduction

This is actually the introduction towards the essay and in which you should start by paraphrasing the concern.

Would you know very well what after all, whenever I say ‘paraphrase’ the concern?

Which means that you rewrite the question is likely to terms synonyms that are using. You cannot simply duplicate issue once again or make use of the words that are same the question. Paraphrase and show your vocabulary knowledge off making use of synonyms. whenever practising your essay writing, utilize an online thesaurus that will help you. This might be a great device and will allow you to to understand numerous brand brand new terms.

After that your next phrase should introduce the essay, this may inform the examiner what you certainly will talk about when you look at the body that is main. For instance, Firstly this essay will talk about. Next this essay shall discuss.

You can find two sentences you’ll need when you look at the introduction >>

  • Paraphrase issue
  • Introduce the certain advantages/disadvantages which will be talked about when you look at the main human body paragraphs.

Paragraph 2 – Principal Body Paragraph 1

In this paragraph, you ought to explain the primary benefit.

Start the paragraph by launching the advantage that is main. That’s where you must have a subject sentence. The next sentence(s) should explain, entering information. The 3rd phrase should offer an instance that supports the bonus.

The instance you give could possibly be one thing from your experience that is own or up – it really is okay which will make up one thing since the examiners will not fact always check your data. They wish to see your power to make use of English at a particular degree. You might make an example up from a written report, log, newsprint or University research.

this is the way the paragraph should look >>

  • Introduce the benefit (subject sentence)
  • Explain/give detail
  • Example

Paragraph 3 – Principal Body Paragraph 2

In this paragraph, you really need to write on the primary disadvantage.

Begin myassignmenthelp the paragraph by presenting the drawback. That is where you’ll want a subject phrase. The next sentence(s) should explain, starting information. The 3rd phrase should offer an instance.

The example you give might be one thing from your experience that is own or up – it really is okay to create up something due to the fact examiners will perhaps not fact check always your information. They wish to visit your capacity to use English at a level that is certain. You might make an example up from a study, log, magazine or University research.

This is one way the paragraph should look >>

  • Introduce the drawback (subject sentence)
  • Explain/give information
  • Instance

How To Write A advantages Or Drawbacks Essay

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